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Myrna Alfonso Event Coordinator
Scott Allen Writer
Mary Ally Writer
Beverly Bailey Event Coordinator An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises
Don Carlos Bland Project Director
David Brown Event Planner Always strive to do my best, when that isn't enough will let god sort out the rest
Michelle Burtis Travel and Housing Coordinator
Ana Canandoza Event Planner Live each day with faith and Love
Marta Cardenas Investor Registration Specialist
Ashley Carey Event Planner
Mike Carey Controller Share your Life
Tom Carey Billings Manager Learn everyday, grow everyday
Jordan Casanas Program Manager Men for Others
Kristin Casanas Event Planner Success is in the details
Manny Casanas Senior Event Planner Input equals output
Jason Churchill Customer Relationship Specialist Don't waste your life
Donna Clark Payroll Manager Make the best of everyday
Pauline Dias Investor Registration Specialist Giving up is not an option
Camila DosSantos Event Planner Live each day with a purpose
Emily Doyle Event Coordinator
Diana Felde Senior Event Planner Be a light
Vivian Fernandez Project Director Unwavering commitment to seek and be True North
Diana Fernandez-Millan
Maryann Fillingim Travel and Housing Coordinator To accomplish great things, we must not act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe
Jennifer Fontillas Travel and Housing Coordinator Let your imagination get in the way
Melizza Ford Project Director Knowledge is your number one asset
Pat Francoise Bids and Proposal Coordinator Create beauty, inspire loyalty, express love
Diana Garcia Research Analyst
Rebecca Garrett Event Planner Never give up
Niti Gautam Director of Contracts and Compliance Serve and help others
Ashley Golden Senior Event Planner Live and give honestly and compassionately
Terri Grier Travel and Housing Coordinator
Rick Hatcher Business Development Director The difference between possible and impossible is one's determination
Patrick Higgins Account Manager, Sports Division "It isn't what you do, but how you do it."
John Wooden
Jean Johnson Event Planner Kind words. Kind actions.
Lance Jones Senior Interactive Design Manager
George Joytrese Clinical Trial Specialist
Nan Kwak Executive Assistant to the President Method to see, know and become the existence of truth
Gail Leach Receptionist
Yvetta Lewis Event Planner
Alicia Liddle Event Coordinator
Hindy Mokhiber Travel and Housing Coordinator Follow your passion
Melinda Monroe Event Coordinator Life's to short to be anything but happy
Jae Moon Art Director Maintain harmonic balance in life
Linh Nguyen Payroll Manager Honesty is the key to succeed
Debbie Norton Event Planner Be kind, work hard, enjoy life
Judith O'Leary Event Coordinator To live a principled life by always doing the "honorable" thing, having respect for all people, and involving myself in worthwhile purposes which bring joy to other individual's lives.
Emily Otto Event Coordinator
Hyung Park Chief Communications Officer Be prepared for your dream
Jacqueline Peltier Customer Care Representative I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Brad Philson Travel and Housing Coordinator Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character
Emily Pollard Graphic Designer We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.
Courtney Reddington Event Coordinator
Lily Richardson President and CEO Reveal their best
April Rosner Graphic Designer All experience is an arch to build upon
Pete Ryan Project Director Expect more of yourself than of others
Angela Sammarco Site Selection Coordinator It Is Possible to Make a Difference
Heleana Sanchez Event Coordinator
David Schafer Accounting Clerk
Frank Scott Event Planner Serve, collaborate and educate
Caroline Shell Event Planner
Al Smith Assistant Controller
Dolores Soldo Contract Administrator Think.Speak.Achieve
Cynthy Soucie Event Coordinator Be kind, be gracious
Mark Stasinos Senior Contract Administrator "Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Heather Stevens Graphic Designer Open-mindedness and commitment are the keys to success
Lisa Stewart Event Coordinator
Wayne Stewart Event Coordinator
Brandy Vieira Event Coordinator
Astri Wee Photographer/Site Selection Coordinator Do What You Love
Joe Wilder Senior Event Planner Let your past be your strength to achieve success
Daniel Yoo Production Manager If I rest, I rust